Our Best of Key features

We offer you a real service, without marketing dependence. This means you will not pay more, year after year due to not used disk space or quota.

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Cheap Domain Name

We will try to maintain low prices on sale, domain names

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SSD disk space

The application that reads and writes data is significantly accelerated with the help of SSD

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Unlimited traffic

No additional costs due to traffic, you can use 100 Mbps without restrictions.

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Administration Panel

With tools cPanel you will work confidently. We always have an updated version of cPanel

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Premium Templates

Ready for you Premium theme Wordpress creates comfort for visitors to your websites.

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SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is free and affordable for all to save on costs initially.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting with the best free WordPress templates. By administering the latest version of cPanel, you will install CMS with one click.

Profesional Hosting

Our prices are fixed, do not depend on the use of resources, do not change with the update for a new period, just select a plan.

Reseller Hosting

We allocate acceptable resources for the rapid operation of each account, bearing in mind the optimal operation of the server.